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AURYN jewelry Pieces designed with love


Designing new pieces of jewelry is one of the most wonderful types of work you can do. On the right, the creation of Coachella and below, the Chakra Collection. Inspired by extraordinary women, beauty, travel, books, geometric symbols, shapes and the colours of nature and everything else that touches my heart, I draw individual pieces of jewelry until a harmonious collection has been created. 

Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Design Coachella Summer

Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Chakra Collection Aura Schmuck

The Details

I then search for gemstones with matching colours, define the mass and mobility and how massive I want the piece to be. Afterwards I send the design drafts to our Auryn gold and silversmiths along with the details and the quantities and precious metals required. 

THE MAKING step-by-step

Auryn gold/silversmiths create the CAD designs from the drawings they receive to determine the price and the time they need to create the pieces. Together, we see what the piece the jewelry will look like for the first time and fine-tune the latest modifications to the new piece.


When the CAD designs are finished, the first unpolished prototypes are made in 925 sterling silver set with natural gemstones and the piece is then polished.

Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Chakra Collection Aura Schmuck Entstehung