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Fair trade team

Auryn Jewels Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Denise Zatti

Denise Zatti, Owner & Jewelry Design

"What we do today decides what our world will look like tomorrow".

With the knowledge and passion inherited from my family, unique jewelry inspired me as a child. I am honoured to be able to share my conscious commitment to sustainability, creativity and design in this manner. Through Auryn Jewels I give artists a face, fair pay, safe working conditions and the safeguard that decent working hours are enforced. Equality between men and women and rich and poor is also important to me because creativity and fairness know no differences. I am an advocate of fair trade jewelry, aim to create long-term cooperations, represent ethical principles and empower small and independent artisans. 

Auryn Jewels is committed to making fair trade jewelry and pursuing the goal of launching fair trade jewelry as a product into the global market. A heart project born out of love.

Auryn's Fair Trade Schmuck manufkaturen

Auryn Jewels Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Gold-/Silberschmiede Gupta

Pawanesh & Beena, Jaipur, India

Pawanesh and Beena put their hearts into running their small manufactory and managing their employees. Their employees also enjoy excellent and informal leadership underpinned by working hours of six hours a day six days a week. The silver jewelry they produce mirrors the satisfaction of the employees perfectly, and I have rarely seen such perfection in handmade silver jewelry - some of the most beautiful creations I have ever encountered. 

Auryn Jewels Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Gold-/Silberschmiede Methwani

Anushka & Sunny, Jaipur, India

Sunny and Anushka put their hearts and souls into running their small manufactory. Both of them support their employees to the full along with their so they can provide them with a secure existence. Their attitude of putting their own needs last and taking responsibility for their employees is very impressive. I feel I can put all my belief in this gold/silver manufactory, where even the gemstones are polished by hand.